First and foremost, we hope that you and your family are safe and healthy.

We want to take a moment to thank every member of this community.

In stark contrast with the message of fear coming from most media sources, we see that the community of Los Angeles has come together in an inspirational way.

Our mission remains unchanged - To help people live a vital and abundant life.

We believe it's more important than ever to deliver food that nourishes the whole system and also to continue to support the local economy and people on the front lines.

At Straight Up Keto, we have been following the progress of the SARS-COV-2 spread since early January and have implemented many protocols outlined by the CDC and WHO.

All departments have been working around the clock 24/7 as we remain on the forefront of this health crisis.

As a result, we have been a significant contributor to keeping our community fed during this unprecedented time.

The White House released the guidelines this week, making Straight Up Keto exempt from any city closure as we are considered a critical infrastructure industry.

In the event the City of Los Angeles et al. mandates a shelter in place policy, Straight Up Keto will remain open and operational to distribute our essential goods to the people we serve.

We have taken the following additional steps to ensure the welfare of our employees, customers, and vendors:
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