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Margeaux Zadikian
Margeaux, along with her mother, Linda, is the creative force behind SUK. An ex-professional contemporary ballet dancer from NYC, who has been studying health and nutrition for the last 25 yrs in hopes to understand further how to reach optimal performance and healing through food. It brings her joy to serve people fresh food that is reminiscent of the meals they can't or choose not to eat anymore. "When I get a call or an email from a customer thanking us for doing what we do, I'm reminded that no matter how small of a service making healthy food is, it still makes a difference."
Aram Zadikian
People often ask - "Hey! Why isn't Aram's name on the label?" Yes, he's part of the fam(Margeaux's brother, Linda's son), he simply likes to remain behind the scenes. With a background in software engineering, business consulting and strategy, Aram remains to be our silent strength, support, and guidance, as we grow our wings. He's our humble genius and official taste tester. Willing to try almost anything ;)